Legislative Committee

The Chamber’s Legislative Committee is the vehicle for our members to learn about and influence government affairs at the city, county, state and national level.

Committee purpose: To serve as a public policy advocacy body on issues that impact the business and economic climate of the Winfield and Cowley County Area; and to provide a forum and structure for cooperative educational and informational programs to keep members and the community informed on local, state and federal issues that have a local impact.

How the Chamber Makes Policy

The Chamber often takes positions on business and community issues. These positions don’t suggest that 100 percent of our members agree but rather that the position generally makes sense for the business community.

Statements of proposed policy may be submitted by any member, committee, director or the Chamber CEO. The preferred method of submission is through the committee or task force that most directly works on the policy area. From that committee, a recommendation may be made to the Board of Directors or the general Membership.

In time-sensitive matters, the Executive Committee, the Legislative Committee, or any task force of experts on the subject may initiate action on behalf of the board.