The Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce is a working partnership of business and professional men and women in the Winfield Community.  While we represents businesses and the professions, we are essentially an organization of people . . . people who know the wisdom of coordinating their efforts under effective leadership for the civic, industrial and commercial advancement of the Winfield area.

The Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce is comprised of business people.  The manufacturer, the pharmacist, the doctor, the retailer, the lawyer, the farmer, the banker, all are represented.  The Winfield Chamber speaks for and represents collective business.

Members of the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce do not make contributions to the Chamber; membership investment dues are part of the fixed overhead of each business.  In a sense, the Winfield Chamber is a department of each business doing work which the individual or enterprise cannot do alone, but which must be done with all other interest in the Winfield Community.

The Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization.  Funds received from members are expended to carry forward a broad program of business development.  These funds are used to employ a professionally trained staff to administer the programs, to maintain an adequate office, to provide information and literature setting forth Winfield’s advantages.  In short, it serves as the clearinghouse for activity which will develop a better business climate and a better community.

Cities are what people make them.  The Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce is the vehicle through which programs are generated to continue to help make Winfield a great place to live and do business!